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claire677 Mon 04-Jan-16 11:48:45

I was wondering whether anyone can help me?
I am having problems with my son's school and the lack of support for his needs. I am aware that the head has had meetings with the governors to discuss my son and I would like to know if these meetings should have been minuted and, if so, can I request a copy of these minutes?
The head hasn't spoken to me about these meetings, I was told by another agency that the meetings had taken place. My son is 4 and has behavioural difficulties, he hasn't been diagnosed with anything as yet, this was picked up in nursery (not attached to the school) and he had an Educational Psychologist assigned to him to help. The school want to perm' exclude him. I don't think that the school have supported him and done what they should since he started there in September. Ed' Psych' feel the same. I want to put together a letter of complaint but I want as much info' as possible before I put a letter together. I don't even know if these meetings were 'official' or not.

Tissie Wed 06-Jan-16 23:23:42

No child should be excluded in their first year of school! Write to the chair of governors and ask for a copy of the minutes - there will be some! In addition ask why your child has not been referred to the local education authority for assessment for an EHCP. Ask what support has the school put in place for your son.
Copy this letter to the head and to the local authority SEN dept along with your formal request for assessment. Parents can do this direct and it should start the ball rolling. Meanwhile the school can't permenantly exclude.
Good luck.

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