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Child that can hear sounds in a word, but can't blend them to read?

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Shinyandnew1 Thu 03-Dec-15 19:17:59

My DS is in Y1 and is new to the school. He has been put on the SEN register at his school as he is working way below the expected level for maths and literacy. I'm trying to help him at home, but would really appreciate some ideas for fun activities!

If I say a word to him-eg cat, he can tell me the sounds he can hear, but he can't put this into practice and blend the word when he sees it written down. He knows all his single letter sounds and some digraphs (school follows Jolly Phonics), but doesn't seem able to apply what he knows.

What can I try next? His teacher isn't being great at the moment as she's off ill and there are lots of supplies. It's not her fault, but I can anyone give me any tips? I'll put this in Primary as well-I didn't know where was best to ask it?

Elisheva Thu 03-Dec-15 20:11:05

I've answered on the other one as well! Go back a step. Can he rhyme? Can he tell you if two words rhyme and then think of a third? Can he clap/tap the number of syllables in a word?

Flanks Thu 03-Dec-15 20:24:18

Hi Shinyandnew1

Does he know his letter names as well as sounds?

KeepBadgering Fri 04-Dec-15 17:34:30

Can't provide any advice, but just wanted to say that my son was like this too in primary school.

To this day we don't know how he learnt to read, but he did and by the time he left primary he was way above his age ability. In fact when he had his assessment for ASD the specialist had to get him to read from his medical book as my son refused to read the children's books he had, calling them babyish.

He has gone from being a child who hated reading to an avid teenage reader, who will read anything and everything.

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