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CAF Referral/TAC Meeting caos

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Confuzled24 Mon 30-Nov-15 20:47:48


Is anyone going through or been through the CAF Referral process and TAC?

I have been trying for near on 5 years now to get my son the help he needs so that he doesn't need to struggle his way through school.. It was obvious when he was in year 2 that he was struggling with his reading, spelling and maths and falling behind his peers. His teacher in year 2 put him on and IEP and started him on the dancing bears programme. He made extremely slow progress. In year 3 he continued dancing bears along with small group work and TA assistance in class and made fairly good progress, the teacher was great in communicating with both myself and my son. Year 4 things fell apart and he failed to make any progress and his struggle with reading etc continued and his self esteem started to suffer. He started in year 5 at middle school and continued to fall behind. Intervention was finally put in place in the spring term of year 5, in the form of dancing bears (again) restarting at level one (a wonderful self esteem booster, not!)..
I asked for an EHC referral in March 2015, it was turned down.. The SEN decided to continue the dancing bears programme, despite being told by the LEA rep that the intervention loses its effect after 6 months. It was suggested a referral be made to dyslexia Outreach.. The SEN thought it would be good for my son to attend a small CBT based counselling group (CBT based activities led by a trained counsellor) once a week in school to address his low self esteem/anxiety.. The counsellor came to me just before the end of summer term to tell me that my son had disclosed some concerning info re his dad and his stepmum and said that these issues needed to be addressed.. The SEN said they could not move forward with his education until these issues were resolved??..
A CAF Referral went in via the school due to the issues raised and due to his struggles within school. The CAF was opened in early October and a TAC took place. The SEN, the CBT counsellor and the Primary Mental Healthcare Worker all decided that the emotional issues re his dad etc needed to be addressed first.
The CAF lead tried to make contact with my boys dad, my ex husband, he managed to arrange a meeting which my ex in turn cancelled. The CAF lead hasn't been able to make contact since and despite my asking my ex to be involved he ignores it and has buried his head in the sand..
My son is now refusing to go to school and is in tears each night and wakes with a stomach ache in the morning (anxiety related??) and becomes angry at the shear mention of school. He loves his dad but doesn't want to see him. He has been off school for 3 nearly 4 weeks now..

The whole process has just caused more problems than there were before.. I really don't feel its going anywhere except around in circles. I'm stressed out and anxious, both my youngest son is anxious and angry and my oldest is feeling left out and stuck in the middle. I feel so guilty because all I was trying to do was get the help my youngest needs at school to progress and move forward with his studies. Now I can't even get him to school!

Sorry its such a long post, is anyone in the same boat or had similar experiences?

Thanks for listening xx

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