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I can Assessment and receptive issues in reception child

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LLL123 Wed 25-Nov-15 09:47:22

Hi...I'm thinking of getting my son an assessment at Meath school...just wondered if anyone has a recent experience and whether you would recommend? My son didn't really say a word until 3 yrs 9 months. Then went straight to sentences and got discharged from slt. Now starting school they still see issues with language particularly his understanding and being able to follow instructions. It seems to be taking ages even for the referral to be made to school slt so frustrating. I believe there is clearly an issue and would love to know exactly what's going on!! Lucky enough to have a statement or echp

Elisheva Thu 03-Dec-15 20:13:35

You can refer to the NHS SLT yourself, or via your GP.

Duckdeamon Wed 06-Jan-16 22:28:35

I looked into this but the cost was pretty high £1800!

The "bar" to access NHS speech therapy seems very high.

GiantYorkiePud Fri 08-Jan-16 21:49:00

We referred through our GP. Preschool brought the issue up but in our area GP referrals are far quicker than schools and nurseries. I'd try that and see how you go on.
I've noticed (and been told be everyone involved) that you have to keep on at them to get anywhere at all.

Duckdeamon Sat 09-Jan-16 22:53:20

Keep on at who?

GiantYorkiePud Sun 10-Jan-16 08:00:40

The professionals. In our case speech therapist as that's who we see. We're still none the wiser after a few visits but hopefully sorted soon.
In OP case school and GP to get referral. At age 3 we were dismissed as paranoid by SLT, at age 4 he has "complex needs."

Duckdeamon Sun 10-Jan-16 23:03:07

Ah OK, thanks! It does seem like the default is to try to put parents off seeking help!

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