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Dyspraxia and severe problems with noise

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BCBG Thu 05-Nov-15 21:56:06

Hi I posted this in chat but wondered if perhaps this would be a better place to ask - original message is...

I could really use some thoughts! DD (13) is dyspraxic. She has always hated loud noises, from having a really severe startle response as a baby to bolting uncontrollably as a toddler, and so on. She has always hated fireworks and if she HAS to be anywhere near them (and they can be streets away) she will wear ear defenders. Tonight she ended up at her school fireworks, and despite the ear defenders ran away and hid in an outbuilding until they had stopped as she was crying and didn't want her friends to see. She says (has always said) that very loud bangs 'make her heart feel funny' and that she feels the explosions not with her ears but with the centre of her body. She says that the bangs do something to her heart that is the 'worst feeling in the world.' I have not googled, but I remember someone saying somewhere that this sensation is the vagus nerve. What I really need to know is should I continue to ignore all this or do anything about it? I can't imagine this getting much better if she hasn't grown out of it so far! Opinions and thoughts/experience and brew would be much appreciated. She has just started a new school and is having a little difficulty fitting in and I can't see tonight helping at all ??

GruntledOne Tue 10-Nov-15 17:44:46

Hi. It sounds as if she has major sensory issues. I suggest asking your GP for a referral to a paediatrician and occupational therapist.

BCBG Wed 11-Nov-15 20:53:44

Thanks. She has had OT via school for four years, but this is something that hasn't changed in all that time whereas we have made a lot of progress in other areas (volume control, concentration, physical stamina, muscles, escalators, crowds etc). I just wish I could find other dyspraxics/adults or parents of that have been through this too. Adolescence is proving particularly challenging.

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