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IEP outcomes - again!

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2boysnamedR Tue 03-Nov-15 18:12:29

I have never been shown my child's IEP results. Not in three years. Well once, but that over ten terms.

I asked the LA and a senco in another school - both thought this was weird. So I asked the senco and deputy head at current school. They had to pass my question onto the HT who didn't answer, just dodged the question

I checked the schools Sen policy but specifics like that aren't mentioned. It's just cut and pasted chunks from the dfe, Sen cop and things that are very out of date or too my knowledge aren't implemented. Was toying with a official complaint but now been told li should look for a new school ( yes there is a big back history so it's generally me asking too many uncomfortable questions it seems ( but I'm not up the school all the time, last meeting with school was Easter).

Before I resign myself to accept that I am a unreasonable pushy parent for asking to see IEP results, what's the norm? Child has statement of Sen. new targets are sent home once a term to sign off via book bag. No discussion, no face to face, no review of how the past IEP targets went.

StarfrightMcFangsie Tue 03-Nov-15 21:50:19

I don't know what the norm is, but ds' school invite me to an IEP target setting meeting once a term where we review the old targets and the successes or otherwise and set new ones.

Other professionals i.e. SALT/OT make recommendations that are usually included.

Other schools that I considered bloody awful, simply put a copy of already decided targets into ds' bag termly, with the 'results' of the previous one.

2boysnamedR Tue 03-Nov-15 23:48:26

Well I just get the new targets in the book bag - no mention of how the last ones went.

I think that the school telling me "they take Sen very seriously" is just lip service. Keep saying the same thing again and again until it becomes the truth

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