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clicker 5 programme for the computer.........any experience??

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chatee Tue 05-Dec-06 20:04:07

my dd's school have recently got clicker5 for the computer does anyone have any experience/knowledge or advice please
tia xx

chatee Wed 06-Dec-06 19:56:56


chatee Thu 14-Dec-06 21:41:01


swedishmum Fri 15-Dec-06 00:29:29

We've got Clicker 3 or 4 - can't remember - at home after teacher recommended it while we were living abroad. It's supposed to be great, i like the things like reading back work, being able to create wordbanks etc for writing about different subjects but we rarely used it as ds's computer skills were so poor at the time. It was frustrating for him to use it so slowly ( he was 7/8 at the time) so we rarly used it. Clicker 5 is much better I understand. Think maybe it wasn't appropriate for ds's needs.

Phraedd Sat 07-Jul-07 18:14:42

clicker 5 is a great program. There are so many downloads for it from the crick website.

Clicker 4 was very slow and tediuos as you had to set most of the grids up before hand which is very time consuming.

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