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Preschool assessments? Advice needed please

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Mum2fourrugrats Wed 14-Oct-15 13:08:09

My son age 3 yr 4mths is at preschool. They have concerns regarding development. Behaviour mainly. Ive known since he was a baby he has asd. Like his brother. Always been delayed socially and emotionally. But very very bright learning. He is hitting everyone and screaming loud. Causing a lot of disruption amongst his peers. They asked me to sign forms. For him to be assessed. When I asked what for they were pretty vague and didnt want me to know!! They said 'oh nothing just so we can get him.extra help' reading the forms of the only info they have from a month ago when he started quite upset me. Basically everything I said about my sons behaviour in what I thought was confidence was documented. For instance 'mum crying feeling helpless' I was actually upset because sons old nursery just told me he has s.e.n and autistic traits. To hear it from someone else it hit home. This is why I was sad in a private meeting with preschool leader. Also very negative things written like where I am failing as I didnt use the time out method yet and cant drink from cup without lid. Like his behaviour is all my fault. He is my forth child. My daughter's never had these problems. My older son did. He is autistic. I feel every day they are questioning me and my partner. They told me last week that when my partner collected him he said time out doesnt work. I was shocked. ..asked partner. He never even said that. He said son doesnt get it yet. They document everything! !! Making me feel like a teenage first time mum. Now we try not to even speak to them. Telling me how to raise my child infront of the other mums. Told me to throw my pram away. Its a good walk he gets tired and walks half way!! I presume its to assess him for s.e.n as they have on one for him now. Is this the assessment that takes six weeks? They said it goes to a panel. Is this where I get a diagnosis if any? Why were they so vague in telling me?
I know its more of a rant but im upset by it all. Thanks x

Schrodingersmum Fri 16-Oct-15 08:21:53

You need to take control from them, book a gp appointment explain your concerns and ask for a paediatric referral for assessment
Ask them directly if they are trying to arrange an assessment for an EHCP if not then they or you need to start the process to provide support for your child
If you feel that they have caused a breakdown in trust could you move to another nursery? and consider phoning Ipsea for more advice and keep posting for support
You may get more response and support on the special needs section where there is more trafficflowers

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