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8yr old headbutting wall - cross post

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nappyqueen Wed 16-Sep-15 12:24:11

Cross post from behaviour page, SEN at school involved

This may be long so sorry.
My 8yr old ds is very bright but not socially adept (he is Sheldon from Big Band Theory!). Frustration and anger getting more extreme and head butted wall at school today.

He gets anxious, frustrated and is an absolute perfectionist, won't even start some pieces of work if he thinks he has the wrong end of the stick or thinks he might get something wrong.
He does not relate with his peers at all and only really enjoys adult company (he's the youngest of 3 so not an only child!), has a very dry mature sense of humour.

He saw CAHMS team who were great for 1st apt and understood our concerns and saw ds and how it affected him, then saw Paediatrician straight after so ds was more at ease as knew what to expect from prior appt. CAHMS said better to stay with Paeds at his age and Paeds not overly concerned as he was so good in the apt!! Argh!!

They suggested he watch soap operas to help understand other peoples feelings, which I am not convinced about at all, they aren't suitable. He is passionate/obsessed with emergency services.

Basically he has strong traits of a number of conditions but doesn't fit completely so they don't know what to do. I just want help/coping strategies to help him, he can't go on headbutting walls!

Anyone with any support or advice? I'm feeling quite fragile about this today so pls be nice! We offer stability, continuity and he is in a brilliant school that helps a lot. Just need to stop this extreme behaviour spoiling it for him, he is aware that it is not normal and wants to stop but has no control.

Mum2fourrugrats Wed 14-Oct-15 13:31:09

Sending you hugs....big hugs. My son does the same at school. Not at home. They called mental health too. They wont help as it is just part of autism and not life threatening. They made me so mad as they wont help!!! I too dont know how to help my son. He is 11 and this head butting walls is a new thing. Bruises huge each week. The school restrain him if needed. A educational psychologist is involved so is paediatric dr who tell him other ways to be angry. Nnever works. When he is mad nothing can help or stop him. I am told it will stop with age so I am just trying to get through it the best way I can by keeping busy every day. Three pm phonecalls of the same thing get me down every day. My anxiety is horrid. You are not alone in this..I know how you feel . So just wanted to send you hugs and strength and tell you it will get better and it is kind of a phase. Xx

Mrsmaudwatts Sat 31-Oct-15 10:19:19

nappy my DS DX with Asperger's is very similar. Might be worth asking to see a different Dr?

As for watching soaps - wtaf?! That's SEN support is it?! Makes my blood boil. angry

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