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My LA are taking me to court

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alilstressed Mon 14-Sep-15 22:25:42

I've read threads on this topic but never posted. I am seeking help from fellow parents/professionals.
I have received a notice that my local authority will be taking me to court because my son has not attended school for nearly a year. I don't want to drip feed. My son has displayed a number of issues throughout his primary and secondary school lives which has led us, as a family to believe that he has special needs- poor coordination, attention difficulties, handwriting difficulties, the list goes on. The SENCO at his present school refused to believe that there is anything different about our boy. Over the last ten months his sleeping has worsened to where there are days when he has been awake for one to two hours of a day. It has been impossible for him to attend school. I have been accused of "trying to find an illness to pin on my son" and have been told that I should shake him to wake him up. I have written evidence of my attempts to get the appropriate medical investigations and how I have communicated with the school to explain the situation. He has now been diagnsed with a sleeping disorder and is about to start medication. The court case is approaching. How on earth can I be prosecuted? My son has not been lounging around playing computer games, he is not skiving and I am a concerned parent who is concerned about his education. What support can I tap access?

InimitableJeeves Mon 14-Sep-15 22:35:01

Have you got lawyers representing you? If not, I suggest you contact competent criminal lawyers immediately. Also get a medical report about the sleeping disorder.

Is he still on the school roll? It may be worth taking him off and telling them that you will be home educating but that you believe the LA is at fault for failing to offer home tuition.

Can you get an occupational therapy assessment, as it sounds as if your child may have something like dyspraxia and sensory difficulties. It would probably also be worth making a formal request for an Educational Health and Care needs assessment.

Riv Thu 24-Sep-15 19:23:19

and check out the IPSEA website for support and advice. You may even be able to tap in to their professional advice / legal support for the court case. www.ipsea.org.uk/

Mum2fourrugrats Wed 14-Oct-15 13:23:10

Is he still on the school register? We had similar situation a few years ago. Always sent home on illegal exclusions for two days then the day he went back I would be called by ten am to collect again for two more days. Got too much so he stayed home due to the school making him deoressed by placing him in isolation until I collected him. A good thirty minute walk. We had education psychologist at the house every week saying he needs to attend school. So I got in touch with the local 'kids' charity who informed me to remove him from the school register and home school. I did just that and just like that they left us alone. All from a simple letter to the L.A. he is settled in a special school now.

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