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Learning about personal space

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fireflyflewovermyhead Tue 21-Jul-15 20:07:34

Dd (6yr) has almost no concept of personal space, her own or others. She gets incredibly over-excited when she is around people she doesn't know too well or in a place where she is not used to seeing them. Playdates, birthday parties and family events can be a triggers. She is usually ok at school but displayed this when settling in at the beginning of YR.

She is like this with children and adults alike. With adults I mean people she doesn't know very well such as parents of friends etc. She looses herself in her own excitement and looses sight and sense of herself. She constantly clings onto the adult (for example another child's au pair / parent etc.) who is either visiting or who we are visiting.

Are there any activities or tools I can use to help her become more socially aware? And to be less excitable when in these unfamiliar situations?

I hope it is of for me to post here. Dd has not been diagnosed but displays symptoms of ADHD at times, mostly in social situations, never when alone with me or dh.

Are there any positive ways to teach her about her and other peoples personal space? I would also love to hear about ways to calm her down (or better to teach her to calm herself down) when she feels excitable like this.

I hope my post makes sense.


fireflyflewovermyhead Tue 21-Jul-15 20:08:34

Or can anyone recommend a good book to help?

Tissie Tue 21-Jul-15 23:55:46

I would recommend Talkabut for Children bk2 developing social skills. I would also try to teach her that one arm's length is the right distance until invited nearer.
The book is expensive but very good. I've used it in school to work with ASD pupils.

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