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Sen process confused

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yousuf1 Wed 10-Jun-15 22:35:25

My son is 6yrs old he's had problems with concentration and overall behaviour. His teacher wants to refer him for which she filled out the form so I think it's a sen form. I've never been through this before so have no idea wats going to happen etc. I'm also worried about labelling him and this working against him. Any advice from anyone whose been through this process will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Tissie Thu 11-Jun-15 00:02:13

You need to ask the teacher to whom she has referred your son. It may just be to the school senco or it may be to an educational psychologist for whom there is ike;y to be a long waiting list. Another possibility is an advice service from the LA. It is impossib;e to say any more without information.

Quite of the result of such a referral is to make suggestions as to how the school can help him. In any case you should be consulted and talked through the results. Try not to worry.

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