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Testing for ADHD

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Everythinghappensforareason1 Tue 09-Jun-15 21:06:17

Background is..

We had a camhs referall last year, got an appointment then moved to a different area. Cancelled appointment.

Gave my child a few months to adjust and still have the same problem with attention and focus (lots of other things but to long to list). Had an appointment on fri, tried refering her to a counselling for behaviour I said this is not what I want (behaviour only an issue 10% of the time) finally got docotr to refer to camhs. Then get a phone call on Monday. I miss the call so i ring the doctors back and the doctor is not available to speak to and there are notes on my daughters file stating cannot refer to camhs child does not qualify for an assessment. Left message with receptionist for doctor to call me back to explain further and doctor not returned the call. I want to be well informed tomorrow when I speak to doctor. Should doctor be referring to camhs? Especially as had a referral by other doctor preciously. Is it camhs that diagnosise ADHD ?

I would be grateful for any advice

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