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Sen notice for consideration of ed needs - dyslexia

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Lutonlou Sun 07-Jun-15 08:46:24


My son is 8 and has had educational psychologist assessment of dyslexia he has had stage 3 sen intervention and 1 to 1 literacy support from school but failed to progress it has been recommended that a SAR 1 be completed and progress to stage 4 . I have received a "notice of consideration of statutory assessment of ed needs" I have 29 days to make my views known and attach independent advice. I appreciate any advice as to how to proceed and what information I should be including . I have an appointment with an optician regarding orthoscoptic lenses and I have a place in dyslexia summer camp. I don't know where or how to quantify is level of dyslexia. The research / google information I have found indicates a multisensory learning approach make be of benefit this isn't currently provided my school is this something I can request ?
additionally my 7 and 5 years old are also showing dyslexia signs and literacy difficulties is there any means of earlier intervention as eldest is 2 years behind in reading and school are saying the others have to 7 and 10 months to be assessed . Thanks for any advice

Icimoi Sun 07-Jun-15 11:06:19

Where are you? This doesn't sound like the UK SEN system?

Noeuf Sun 07-Jun-15 11:15:02

Just sounds like the school have applied and you've been sent the form to complete. Can I just point out the forms will be local to your local authority but not used nationally. The process is the same in terms of timescales. They should decide within six weeks if they will assess him, and the next decision is whether to issue an EHC plan.
What you need to do is provide any copies of recent reports you have, any concerns yu have and whether you agree to the assessment.
IPSEA is a really good place to find information - Google it and they come up straight away.

Lutonlou Sun 07-Jun-15 14:37:32

Thanks for replies will look up IPSEA. We are based in Northern Ireland so uk sen .

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