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Struggling yr 1

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Raaaaaah Wed 20-May-15 11:19:39

I will try to be brief(ish)!

DS has struggled in school from the start. He was very anxious and not meeting expected academic targets or engaging in class. His class teacher raised the issue in reception and we agreed that we were concerned (mostly with the anxiety). She requested the SENCO got the ed psych involved. By the end of the last term of reception nothing had happened so we requested a private Ed Psych review.. He was assessed as having a normal IQ but most probably social communication difficulties and suggested a referral for multidisciplinary review.

OT wait was 6months and he was struggling with fine motor and coordination quite significantly. We got a private OT review and he now has this every other week. She offered some suggestions for DS to school (not really implemented). He was also assesssed by private paeds. Her report said autistic spectrum, dyspraxia and possible Adhd. She was excellent but the diagnosis didn't really ring true to us. Finally seen by NHS developmental paeds who said SPD and has requested NHS OT and SALT and will review in a couple of months.

So now we are in the position where he receives little extra support at school. He sits on a table with 5 others who are struggling and they have the TA with them for a short period each morning. Both paeds said he had had a high verbal reasoning but he is still significantly behind his peers and not really engaging in the class. Where do we go from here? School seem reluctant to do much more as there is no extra funding and his needs aren't profound. We suppoort him as much as we can at home and he is much happier at school. Do we just sit tight and see what happens? I am finding it hard to tally wanting the best for him and being realistic in our expectations of the school.

Sorry, that wasn't brief smile.

Tissie Sat 23-May-15 06:02:59

Your private paeds seems to have covered her ass by mentioning a wide range of possible problems without reaching a firm conclusion. No wonder it didn't ring true to you. SPD seems to be a strong contender but so is language impairment which is why the referral to SALT. High verbal reasoning does not preclude language disorder such as social communication, comprehension of language and possible short term memory difficulties. As a recently retired special needs teacher I have been working privately with an ASD pupils and one with language processing and short term memory difficulties.
I think it is really important to get the SALT and OT assessment. One of the problems in school is that these issues are somewhat more nebulous than others and need very specific teaching rather than a TA sat around a table with 5 others. Once you've had the assessments and received advice you are better placed to help DS. You can ask to see the senco, request an IEP and specific strategies/support for DS.

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