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Any experience of school children with OCD?

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GJHmum1 Tue 31-Mar-15 11:59:52

My DS is in Y9. After starting secondary school he developed very bad OCD, all of which was focused on school homework and avoiding punishments in school. Ironically he has nothing worry about as he is very well behaved and hard working. He struggles academically though which makes things much more difficult for him. We got help last year and he saw a phycologist for a few months. By using CBT it helped and he is a lot better than he was. However it still rules his life to a certain extent and his need to check and recheck things is very evident. It has also affected friendships as he constantly worries about things and sadly doesn�t have much fun. I just wondered if there was anyone else who�s child has experienced OCD/anxiety and how you have handled it?

peapod66 Thu 31-Mar-16 15:37:30

Hi just saw this so not sure if you will pick up reply. I do have experience of younger DS who has OCD for last 3 years with similar impacts to the ones you describe. Happy to discuss further if you'd like to PM me..

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