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Ds is being referred to the pru. Bit anxious

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inflagrantedelicto Fri 06-Feb-15 00:21:49

Turns out he's now doing nothing in class. Not even as disruptive, just zoned out most of the time.

Been at this school since Feb 2012 (y3). Now in y6. I only found out by chance, and ask a bit cross, as there's s home school book in place, that I thought was working.

School, after a blistering note from me asking to meet to discuss this situation, say the EP had recommended a referral to the pru. They've been at pains to explain the pru come in to school and work with kids, or make recommendations, but I'm still anxious.

Ds was on SA+. No statement. Dx AS and ADHD Jan 2014. Anyone else been in this position? What do I push for/avoid?

dougalsmum Fri 06-Feb-15 11:12:13

Please try not to be anxious. Of course you will be anxious - this is your son and you will always worry. In my opinion the PRU will be in a much better position that the school to meet your child's individual needs. They will make an assessment of him and tailor his learning to his needs. It's possibly the best thing that has happened to him in his educational career so far. If they are good (and they usually are) once they have sorted this your child will be flying academically. They will switch him on and tap into his passions and get him going. Pity he is already in Y6 and has been allowed to drift for 3 years.

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