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secondary schools in sussex for child with ADHD and Aspergers?

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brightonbod Mon 02-Feb-15 23:09:43

Does anyone have any experience of secondary schools in the sussex area for a child who has aspergers and ADHD? We are considering Lewes old Grammar and Bedes prep for my son but I am not sure he will fit into Lewes old Grammar and I am worried about the senior school at Bedes as it seems so big and anonymous aswell as having kids bussed in from long distances so local friends might be a problem? Any advice or experience gratefully received. He is a bright boy but has always struggled socially and always naturally gravitates towards other high energy quirky kids and can easily be shunned by the nicest of kids just because he can be overwhelming and come across as "weird" in the words of other kids. We of course think weird is wonderful but I know he needs peer friendships going through secondary school and thats my biggest worry. Help!

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