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Removal from SEN register

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Eastyone Mon 10-Nov-14 19:32:34

My daughter's school have taken her off the register - They have just sent an email and there was no discussion. She is in year 10 and broadly speaking her predicted GCSE grades are B's.

The reason she was on SAP was to do with slow processing speeds
WISC IV at age 13 put her on the 14th %ile (full scale result)

She now has to have surgery which may well lead to her losing her hearing in one ear as well as having to catch up on lessons missed. Can someone tell me what the process / forms the school would have to fill in ( I have asked them for details and they've just sent the school report!) and where I stand if she starts to struggle.

Thanks for listening

serendipityspeaks Sun 23-Nov-14 23:15:08

I would ask to speak to the teacher and the senco. You have every right to a face to face meeting to discuss your concerns, do you have an advocate to support you? As a teacher I find that sometimes parents are fighting for things they don't need to fight for and sometimes they assume the school has their best interest at heart. Even as a teacher I find the system confusing and easily played if that is what the school wants to do... so while I don't want to worry you I do suggest that you remain calm but feel encouraged to question the school's decisions, especially without your consent.

peacoat Sun 14-Dec-14 17:49:45

She should be eligible for extra time in exams and coursework if she has slow processing. Ask the school to assess her for Access Arrangements.

The school should have information on their website which indicates the threshold for being on the SEN register. You have every right to ask about the criteria for being placed on the register. On the other hand, no point being on the register if nothing is being done to support her at school.

manicinsomniac Wed 17-Dec-14 23:25:48

If your school is anything like mine it will be pruning the SEN register like crazy. There were so many children on ours that their needs were no longer 'special' and children were being forgotten.

Now, although of course we continue to be aware that all children have differing needs, the only ones who are on the SEN register are those with a diagnosis and/or EP report.

Mind you, parents aren't really aware of the register. As you are, your child should not have been removed without discussion with you.

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