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suziehutton Mon 10-Nov-14 10:57:49

Hello, my DD had a WISC IV test at 9 years old which revealed a spiky profile but the EP said the profile revealed "no learning barriers."
The results are as follows:

Verbal Comprehension IQ –13098th Percentile 121-135

Perceptual Reasoning IQ – 125 95th Percentile 115-131

Working Memory IQ –9742nd Percentile 90-105

Processing Speed –IQ - 106 66th Percentile 96-114

I sought the test because her learning had flattened and stalled. She has always had problems with maths but read early. Now in her first year at secondary school and the pattern continues. She appears bright, intelligent but she is struggling in the classroom especially in maths and English.
Can anyone help me here? I have been reading that the difference between the working memory score and the verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning score may point to an attention problem. Can anyone advise me? We thought things might improve as she got older but they appear to becoming worse.
DD - is the youngest in the class, enjoys good relationships with adults and peers but is very shy, has low esteem in some areas. She is very sensitive to loud unexpected (and expected noise).
Thank you, candid kiwi.

Kidsncats Sat 15-Nov-14 19:21:56

Sometimes, a much lower Processing Speed and Working Memory can indicate ADHD. My DD has a huge discrepancy between her VC/PR and her WM and PS. She is very intelligent, but highly distracted and distractable, she struggled to function in a classroom and her school work never reflected her IQ.
We were referred to CAHMs but eventually went to a private ADHD specialist.

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