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ASD What would you like teachers to know?

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TeacherTrainer Tue 04-Nov-14 11:24:53

I am offering some training on ASD in the secondary classroom. I am a secondary teacher and I have an Aspie teenager myself. I know what I would want for her, but thought it would be nice to quote some other parent perspectives.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions for new teachers about what they should do to make their classroom a better place for ASD children, I would really appreciate it, so it's not all coming from me or general training materials.

Thanks thanks.

TXB Tue 09-Dec-14 11:51:21

I would like teachers to understand the IEP in it's entirety and areas they don't understand, to ask for clarification. If the child is not understanding IEP targets, break the task down into more manageable steps for the child rather than writing it off that the child has not met the criteria for that target.

I would also like to see more visual cues for autistic children, more inclusiveness and more 'quiet time' in a classroom so the child can concentrate.

We are at a very supportive school but there are still gaps in teachers understanding - I think all teachers should be trained in SEN as there are so many children on the spectrum and it's only going to increase.

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