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New school and Part 3 on statement not happening

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Lifeisfun91 Thu 16-Oct-14 09:50:05

DD (nearly 14) has statement in MS school for complex difficulties; auditory processing disorder (lowest 1%ile), sensory, S&L disorder (1%ile), very poor working memory and lots more. We have just changed school as DD was very unhappy and school refusing. New school although we repeatedly asked if they could deliver part 3 said they would. Now that we are there things are different.
One question I have is how do we get them to carry on literacy support when they are purely going from one test (YARC SWRT) where she has a SS score of 100. Her Reading Rate score, fluency and accuracy, she is working as a 10 year old. Also her spelling SS score is 91 in a test but this does not transfer to her work, still miss spelling high frequency words and new curriculum words she has no chance of remembering without intervention.
DD is really struggling with work, sentence structure, spelling, fluency and accuracy. Also her reading comprehension test came out at SS 106 but her last reading Comp assessment in an English lesson was levelled at 3B, why the difference. The gap is widening between her English level and others by over 2 full levels.
I believe it is mainly down to her working memory and that these interventions need to be continued as descibed on Part 3, but they think differently. It has been on her statement for 2 years even though her SWRT and comprehension results have always been to the average range. They made a comment that a child only requires a reading age of 10 to understand GCSE papers. She can't comprehend a simple homework question at the moment so how is going to cope. Also been told that due to SS scores above the magic 85 she won't be entitled to Access arrangements.
Any wise thoughts would be appreciated to get my head around this and how to approach school. We have had a meeting and I was very polite and listened to what they had to say, but now I don't know how to approach them.

Tambaboy Fri 17-Oct-14 09:44:36

Hi, this board is very quiet. Why don't you try in Special Needs: Children.

BigBird69 Sun 19-Oct-14 18:48:43

Is it a LA maintained school or indi school? They MUST put in place part 3. You need a meeting right away and request someone from the LA to attend.

Lifeisfun91 Thu 23-Oct-14 13:34:08

It is a LA mantained school.
School have provided TA support in lessons but none of the interventions happening: Vocabulary, touch type programme, sensory diet after lunch, reading for accuracy and fluency, Speech and language Talk About programme. Auditory memory.
We have reversed back to support can be provided within lessons and they do not want to reduce her timetable subjects to allow time to do interventions.

Icimoi Sun 02-Nov-14 09:32:26

If you,re still having problems I suggest you contact the council. It'so their responsibility to ensure that what is in partb3 happens. If necessary, suggest to them that you will go for judicial review to enforce this

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