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SENDIST Tribunal experiences.

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RosyandBo Fri 23-May-14 14:15:31

I'm speaking on You & Yours BBC Radio 4 next Wednesday 12 noon about the Tribunal fight we had to be allowed to continue with our home programme.

Our LA fought us even though we were paying for it, professionals all agreed and parental preference.

Disregard for our wishes, rights and ability to choose for our own child.

Potential Disability Discrimination and Human Rights violation.

SOS-SEN are looking to hear parents' experiences too. www.sossen.org.uk/news.php

They also did research into tactics used by LAs in tribunal cases.

Merton Mencap also conducted their own survey last summer and found some shocking things happening with SENDIST here www.mertonmencap.org.uk/pdfs/SEND-Tribunal-Survey-Results-August2013.pdf

Please give me your thoughts and spread the word far and wide in advance of Wednesday.

Thank you

Hannah x

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