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First annual review for son with Dyspraxia/on spectrum worried!

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spankingnewme Wed 21-May-14 09:30:47

My son has been diagnosed as having a variety of mild special education needs, nothing specific, possible dyspraxia/ dyslexia coordination problems.... I have just received notice of his annual review but I have no idea what I am expected to do /say at this meeting. Obviously I know it is to discuss his progress but I am very happy with most of his progress so not really to sure what I can say? What kind of things do I ask? thanks in advance

onceipopicantstop Wed 21-May-14 09:37:36

Hi the annual review is nothing to be worried about. It's just an opportunity to get everyone involved with your son together to discuss his progress and any concerns, and make a plan for the next year. Depending how many people are involved this could be quite a big meeting, or only a few people! But they should all be people you have met or are at least aware of. Does your son have a statement of special educational needs? Only asking as I think an annual review is a requirement for all children with a statement.

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