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Charging for dyslexic teaching

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Towsertalk Sun 18-May-14 11:18:56

We chose an independent school in Dorset at great sacrifice to our lifestyle because it offered specialist dyslexia support at at extra cost
We have since discovered the teacher us not a specialist teacher and in general the teachers are not that supportive of SEN pupils
Can schools do this
It is such a big decision to move your child and pay for uniform and deposits and a terms motive that we feel really let down
We are also too worried to kick up a stink about the extra charges incase it impacts on our child who is still struggling to cope!!?!

sashh Sun 18-May-14 17:25:00

Isn't that discrimination? Making you pay extra for your child's 'disability'.

I know this might not help now but might it be more value for money to employ a specialist tutor a few times a week?

If you have paid for a service and not received it then you can and should complain.

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