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sen help please

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Mummyk231 Wed 14-May-14 14:18:34

Hi mums, my LG will is almost 5 and has recognised issues that we currently see a paediatrician for. She has fine and gross motorskills problems some of which caused by hypermobility syndrome which causes her leg pain also, memory issues, behaviour problems, poor listening and understanding, concentration and emotional problems. She also has speech and language therapy. I've recently been having trouble getting her to school because she gets so upset she throws herself about refuses let us get her dressed and then takes her clothes off again she tells me she don't like school, that people have pushed her and are horrible to her, it's really distressing as a parent to see her like this. I had meeting with her school this week I arranged this to try to find out what was causing these issues who told me as far as they can tell she's not being picked on, she is struggling as her works getting harder and they have had to move her to the bottom group for reading and writing because of this and I belive she's starting to really find leading difficult because of the issues she has and also she's starting to notice she's not doing as well as her peers. The school try to give her a small amount of 1 to 1 but they can't give her no more though they have said all along that's what she needs because she's not 'funded' they can't diagnose what's wrong with her until she's 7 but the paediatrician knows there is something. How do I get the funding for her so she can have the extra support she needs? I'm worried about the mental and physical impact this is having on her both now and in the future and I just want to help her but I've no idea where to turn. Can anyone offer advice please?

Charlotteamanda1 Sun 25-May-14 08:08:45

You don't need a diagnosis to see an educational psychologist or have a statutory assessment of their educational needs done. Push the school to have her assessed. Get Help from SNAP. All I can say is push push push.
It must be very hard for you. She's lucky she's got you.

Tambaboy Mon 26-May-14 19:15:33

You could actually apply for statutory assessment yourself, you can find model letters and practical advice here:
I also highly recommend this book:

Best of luck

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