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SEN schools in Somerset??

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movefromthecountry Tue 13-May-14 06:25:11

Please can anybody tell me how to find out which are the GOOD school in Somsert with SEN provision and HOW I can pursuade them to accept my Yr 5 child Our current school is frankly dreadful - neglect, bullying etc etc. I have had other children approach me at the school gates to tell me my child is not being looked after. I have had to take so much time off work to deal with the school and to take my child home (EVERY LUNCHTIME) that my contract at work has not been renewed. Fabulous - I'm a single parent. Job well done school.
SCC do not give advice, nor do their quango parentpal organisation. I am currently in the middle of complaining about the school. Every school I aproach is either full or 'cannot meet my child's needs'. It's draining - mentally, emotionally and time-wise. As is the complaints procedure which the school has been making unnecessarily difficult (not providing info on the procedure, ignoring my letters, speaking rudely to me). I feel like they are trying to make by give up through atrition and am absolutely exhausted by this. I just want what non-SEN children have - a chance at a good education for my child! Any help so gratefully recieved.

whatadrama Fri 16-May-14 19:25:27

Can i ask which part of Somerset?

PolterGoose Wed 21-May-14 07:27:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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