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Aaargh! Informed today that 2 pupils with statements can't have scribe and extra time

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SE13Mummy Thu 08-May-14 20:59:05

As per title really; the KS2 tests are next week so Y6s across England will be spending their mornings being tested in reading, punctuation and grammar, spelling and maths.

In my class are two children with statements. They receive 1:1 support much of the time and 1:6 the rest of the time. They always have scribes for tests or situations for which using a computer is more problematic than it is supportive.

Today I have been told that they cannot have the 25% extra time (to which children with a statement are automatically entitled) and have a scribe. They have to have one or the other.

As the teacher of these children I am outraged that, at the last minute, we are being told that the arrangements that have been in place since September to support them (and that have led to them both feeling more confident, making an enormous amount of progress and contributed to a generally more enthusiastic attitude towards school) are being diluted/withdrawn at the eleventh hour.

Do any of you with Y6 children who have statements, know if their teachers have been told to choose between additional time and having a scribe?

Nennypops Thu 08-May-14 23:27:58

It might be an idea to put this on the teaching or special needs boards - this one doesn't get much traffic.

I must say the rule sounds irrational; there seems to be an assumption that a child who needs a scribe has no other learning difficulty, which in practice is highly unlikely. This could also be disability discrimination. Is there any appeal mechanism?

Dustypeas Thu 08-May-14 23:39:27

I think it's because a stipulation of having extra time is that it takes the child a long time to write - less than 10 words per minute so logically if the child has a scribe their 'writing' will be quicker than this. You should be able to find guidelines if you google this.

ShellyF Thu 08-May-14 23:46:52

Extra time had to be applied for by April 14th.
They can have all the time they need for reading test.It is not being timed this year.
Who applied for extra time and what are the reasons for refusal?
Or did someone forget to apply?

Effic Thu 08-May-14 23:56:21

S13mummy - a partial way round this is to give them the 25% extra time and then TRANSCRIBE their script (either wholy or partially). Not perfect but means you can tell them to just get answers down and not worry or take time to do 'good' handwriting. They just need to be able to read it back to whoever produces the transcript. You don't need permission to do this, you just need to fill it the online form and say why ("poor fine motor skills - marker will struggle to read handwriting" is all you need to put)

Shelley - they can't have all the time they want for reading test. They have one hour - the difference is that unlike previous years, you don't have to give them the booklet for on its own for 15 minutes first and then the answer booklet.

SE13Mummy Fri 09-May-14 21:24:03

Thanks for your replies. After sending an e-mail to the Head, it would appear that the person in charge of applying for extra time, checking in to find out what the decisions were etc. failed to realise that there may be different access arrangements for children with a statement of SEN.

I'm flabbergasted but relieved.

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