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Needed ABA tutor in Bristol

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Sirah Wed 07-May-14 03:25:37

Hello everyone!
Glad I could sign up... Means I may have friends out there in a similar situation.

I have a son who is 12 years old. I am looking intensively for an Aba tutor. It has been really hard.. Over the years I have been incredibly lucky having had tutors employed over 7 years at a stretch. Since our last tutor had to go onto to do another degree it is really difficult to replace him. I have advertised intensely. However, we see slit if time wasters. Ican not understand when advertising for a job and teaching a child - why this is not seen as commitment?. We would live to hear from anyone Aba trained or a background in child care and wanting training which we will provide. My son is in mainstream school with a full sbacprogramme.
Please contact me if you have any thoughts or wishing to apply. I can forward an advertisement. We are currently advertising in gumtree and job site. Thankyou for now and really look forward to talking to some like minded fun parents- who even may want to meet for a coffee??? Shinda

Fay98 Sat 21-Oct-17 09:43:10

Hello, sorry for resurrecting this post but I am in the exact same position except I haven't been able to find one Aba tutor in Bristol for my autistic 5 year old who goes to mainstream but still non verbal (vocabulary less then 10) could you let me know how it's going thanks x

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