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Aspergers / High functioning autism .... Edinburgh schools

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Joanne1234 Wed 07-May-14 00:42:53

Hi! Looking for some feedback from parents in Edinburgh on primary / secondary schools in the city that have catered well for your children on the autistic spectrum. My son's difficulties are not too severe and he is doing well in mainstream primary school. It feels like he could be supported better though (what a surprise!). About to enter primary 2 with a class size of 30 and no learning assistant!! Are there any schools in the city where there is always a learning assistant in the class? Does anyone have experience of West Lothian schools? Are these perhaps better resourced? I am working my way around making enquiries at various schools but some 'real feedback' would be good. What are the independent schools like? While things are ok ish just now, I am worried about local secondary school which has a mixed catchment and wondering whether to move house to a better catchment or look at private schools??? Lots of questions, but look forward to hearing any first hand experiences! smile

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