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Mumofthreelondon Sun 13-Apr-14 00:18:07

Can anyone recommend a good mainstream school in Central london (we are based in Kensington / Chelsea) for a dyslexic child? Girl age 8...

telsa Thu 17-Apr-14 13:26:19

Do you mean state - by mainstream??

Soho Parish is a very small school and very supportive, so I hear from Central London friends. one of whom has a dyslexic DD who goes there. Don't know if it is near enough to you - has places though in most classes

Mumofthreelondon Thu 17-Apr-14 13:59:38

Thanks for replying -by mainstream I just meant not a 100 percent specialist dyslexic school of which I know a few v good options. Private /independent recommendations are good too. Small class sizes would be helpful ..

LittleBird66 Mon 21-Apr-14 18:56:14

Hi-just thought I would point you to my comment on another thread which was:
Last year I came Across the Oliver West Footnotes Programme at a Youth Work conference. It immediately caught my attention on several level-He is chronically dyslexic and was badly failed by the UK Education system, but as a result of his struggles, has produced Footnotes, which is a set visual learning strategies. I have a dyslexic son, and work with Teenagers too, and have been trialling it with both ! I would recommend you check out his website, and also his book-In Search of Words is an enlightening read-it's been exciting to find something new which is actually very simple, and works. He also offers online Skype tutorials-much cheaper than school fees too!
Hope it's helpful!

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