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Progress in literacy

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HaveAcuppa Thu 03-Apr-14 10:32:57

DD�s school report just in. She has moved up 1 sub level (4b to 4a in one year) Year 8.

She has a full statement in mainstream, three hours intervention on speech and language, auditory memory, vocabulary. TA support in class has increased this year. Her school is mixed ability classes but since October Literacy teacher has pulled out pupils to provide intense literacy lessons, DD being one of these. Since Christmas they have been studying Private Peaceful, They are still reading the book and as I can see in her book not pieces of writing have been produced. DD says they have made a song up together. She has missed out on all activities that the main group has done; write a poem, dairy, letters. I feel that even though she is still only a level 4, she should still have the opportunity to produce and practice this type of writing.

They have also been working on spellings; this is the governments programme to support children at level 3 to get to level 4. Meant to be a six week programme, 18 units and DD is still only on unit 7 after doing it from October! Her last spelling assessment was not that bad when done by SENCO, only a year behind. Since the beginning of yr 8 she has 4 pieces of writing in her book that could be properly graded.

DD says literacy lessons are really boring, they have been reading this book for a term. DD doesn�t read out loud as that is one of her main weaknesses; reading fluency, accuracy. But she has a reading comprehension of a 16yr old. Also has very poor auditory processing so doesn�t take things in by listening. She wants to be in the main group and do some writing practice. No writing practice gets done as she gets no homework, she has book reviews to complete but trying to get her to read and finish a book to complete one is a battle.

Any views if you think I am being picky, or how I should deal with this without going in guns blazing complaining. She is now at level 6 in maths and science and in humanity subjects is now higher that her literacy level. Many thank, just wanted to vent!

HaveAcuppa Fri 04-Apr-14 16:00:17

DD Just come home from school stating she hates school, hates literacy lessons and has no friends. She says she has had a horrible day and never wants to go back!
I don't know how to console her.

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