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What do I do for the best?

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beck13beck Wed 26-Mar-14 00:29:52

My 14 yr old son is loving and well behaved at home but according to the teachers he his the worst behaved child they have. He struggles with the work, is easily distracted and has Poor concentration. He does try to do the work but gives up as he is so far behind and struggles. On many occasions he has been told off for not completing the work which in return sends him into a rage, shouting and running off. Hes Often found crying after.
After yrs of this the teachers don't seem to care or even attempt to help him. He never comes home with homework and is often put in isolation soon as enters the lesson. Its like they haven't got time for him even though it is obvious he needs help.
Weekly I get a phone call that he done this and he done that but when spoke to him it turns out it wasn't him. Im not saying its never him but its like he his blamed for everything just because he his regarded as a bad pupil.
Today my son was excluded from school for 5 days for possession. The teachers searched his bag and found tobacco at the bottom of his bag and one side of a grinder. They have said his bag stunk of skunk which I have had a few people smell and they cant smell it. He tried to explain the half grinder was put in his bag by another pupil but wouldn't ''grass'' on the lad.
After several meetings last month with his teachers it was decided he would be moving schools in September for a new start because both my son and the teachers had given up on each other.
Now with this exclusion I am in 2 minds weather sending him back to the school will be in his best interest. He is really looking forward to his options in September but he a lot of catching up to do and im thinking he will have better chance of catching up if taught at home until starts at a new school in sept.
I see a boy who struggles but the school just see a bad lad but haven't ever tried asking why he acts up.
Any advice would be great or what I meant to do for the best.

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