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Could this be Dysgraphia?

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IvaNighSpare Wed 19-Mar-14 20:49:31

Last week we had a parent/teacher meeting about DS who is 8.
The teacher told us that he is top of his class in both maths and reading but she is seriously concerned about his writing, which is very slow and of poor quality.
We took the bull by the horns and have tried to encourage writing practice at home, however this is met with much stress and resistance no matter what material we encourage him to copy, including favourite stories.
I have noticed that the way he writes is by holding the pencil like a claw, more like a left-handed person would even though he is right-handed. His handwriting is very sporadic and untidy and he obviously detests writing. Spelling is not a problem, he can verbally rattle off spelling tests with applomb.
I googled "right hander writing like left hander" and came up with lots of links with Dysgraphia. DS seems to fit some of the symptoms but not all.
His teacher describes him as a bit of an enigma, as he seems to be a real day-dreamer and lacking concentration, but then he pulls it out the bag and aces any tests he is set. His vocabulary is extremely advanced (he amazes me with the words he uses in the correct context) and he has a highly scientific and enquiring mind, which has also been lauded by his teachers.
But the writing is holding him back.
I was wondering if I should get him tested, and how I should go about it (we live in East Kent).
Does anyone have any similar experience?

cartwrid Tue 25-Mar-14 15:21:19

Hi, sorry to hear that your son is struggling. I came across your message as I have an almost identical query. My son is 7 and we have previously been told the writting is age appropriate but finally the teacher has said that she does beleive that he has a problem but testing now doesnt take place via the loacal authority until age 8. he's been in a fine motor skills and a writting skills group at school since teh start of teh year. My son, like yours, is above ageverage in maths and reading but below in writting. He matches all the symptoms of dysgraphia. We want to get an asesesment to make sure he has the help he needs but I'm struggling to know where to go....

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