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Speech therapy

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jillyrg Sun 09-Mar-14 16:29:03

I hope I've chosen the right topic to ask this!
My son is 4,hes got moderate speech and learning difficulties, he's worked hard in the last 18 months as he was severe. He's done brilliant and I'm very proud of him.
We've recently moved to Scotland and it's taken a little time to get the assessment done. I'm just wondering if anyone can suggest any good websites I can join to aid him?
We're working on syllibils (clapping the syllibils of the word) I've made a scrap book of different topics, was searching this morning to try and print pictures of words with 4 syllibils but struggled. I would also like to print of some images where he has to tell me the story, couldn't find anything like that either. To try and widen his vocab.
If anyone can recommend any websites or books I'd be very grateful

lljkk Sun 09-Mar-14 19:23:17

This is a bit of a neglected topic, might want to try the special needs groups since it's more than just educational I think you're describing.

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