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Dyslexic but school won't put DD on SEN register as she's doing OK...

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minko Thu 06-Mar-14 09:46:49

DD is 10 and recently diagnosed. The school always maintained that she had no problems and 'was where she needed to me' ie scraping along as 'average', she's in yr 6 and has achived level 4as in reading, writing and numeracy.

But I can't help feeling that she obviously has great potential to do better, but as she's doing OK they aren't bothered. I can see where it's coming from - why should the school put funding into someone who is doing OK - but it upsets me as she can't show her true potential.

I'm pleased that she has obviously developed strategies to cope with her issues, and grateful that they are not worse, but should I fight to get her on to the SEN register (as recommended by the Ed Psych who assessed her) and what benefits would there be??

chelseamorning Thu 06-Mar-14 13:27:11

I feel your frustration, minko! Sorry but can't comment on dyslexia. However I would say that it needs to be recognised so that she is allowed extra time, and possibly a quiet space, during tests/exams.

My 7yr old DS has sensory processing problems. He's very bright and we work a lot with him at home, and his teachers just seem to feel 'average' is enough. I know they have limited resources but they could give him a couple of hours with the SEN assistant. It is so annoying! Grrrrrrr!

nonicknameseemsavailable Thu 06-Mar-14 22:46:56

this really winds me up. DD1 is a lot younger but I will bet money that when I get her private psychologist dyslexia screening test done in a few weeks she will be 'mostly' dyslexic. I say mostly because I am not entirely sure that her compensating isn't almost too effective for the test. The school just say that as she is doing very well it doesn't matter. except that it does, to HER. What happens in a few years when she still can't segment a word she doesn't know?

RiversideMum Sun 09-Mar-14 07:48:06

What has the Ed Psych said are her weaknesses?

merlottime Sat 22-Mar-14 17:31:05

Just stumbled on this tread - sorry for being a later joiner! My DS always appeared to be doing well at his primary school, until in Y2 his reading just plateaued. By midway through Y3 we realised something was wrong, and had to fight to get the school to send him for an Ed Psych assessment. It turned out that he was on the 2nd percentile for reading and severely dyslexic; the EP report was however shorter than this post so completely useless in helping understand his specific processing issues. We realised that he had been able to guess words until they got too long/difficult for him. He was put on School Action Plus - this did mean he got some extra help (with removal from class) BUT the SENCO TA helping him had only very limited training, on general SENCO issues and openly admitted that neither she nor the SENCO really knew anything about dyslexia sad By the time DS was in Y5 we started to think about transition to secondary school - our local school said that they would not put any special help in for the first term at least (despite DS being School Action Plus) and they would see if they thought he needed help after Christmas. This was so unacceptable we reconsidered our options. We ended up withdrawing him from his primary in Y5 and sending him to a school that specialises in helping dyslexic children (goes through to 16). The best decision we every made, but have to pay as dont get any help from the LEA. Sorry to go on at length, and if DS' dyslexia was milder we may have had a harder decision, but the reality in our area at least was that the state schools didnt have the trained staff to provide the support he needed. Good luck!

NoIamAngelaHernandez Sat 22-Mar-14 17:38:05

To go on the Record of Need at a school the child should need something 'additional or different' to their peers.

That is where the school comes in. If the school is dyslexia-aware (e.g. uses dyslexia friendly fonts and strategies, teachers trained) and your daughter is doing well, there is no reason for her to be on the Record of Need, as she does not need anything additional or different from her peers.

If the school is not good at this, then she could be added to the Record of Need, but you do need to make sure that the school knows what to do to help her! No point at all on being on the Record of Need if it makes no difference to the provision.

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