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DD struggling with literacy lessons

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HaveAcuppa Wed 19-Feb-14 15:21:05

I don't know how to handle this situation so looking for some views.
SS (yr8) is in a MS school with 20 hrs statement (Spld, dyslexia, dyspraxia, auditory processing, speech & language) Lessons are mixed ability but in literacy this year they have pulled out 7 children to do different work. DD is finding this really boring; she states it is too boring, too much talking and I cannot see much evidence of written work happening. They have been spending an hour a week going through basic spelling rules (dd already knows these so doesn�t need to practice) Also hardly any homework set (one piece this half term) I sent an email to the teacher asking what was happening in the lessons and also to whinge about the lack of homework. I stressed DD difficulties and asked for some support in setting extra practice for home.

I have had a reply not really telling me what is happening; just that she is disappointed that I sent the email. She states that DD should have plenty of homework, several hours each week with practicing spellings and also completing her book review booklet. The book review booklet is called �Reading for Enjoyment� and for children to complete at their own pace. This is not checked weekly and my DD�s has not been checked for several weeks. DD hates reading and refuses to! We have tears and tantrums still if I try and force her to read. So this week the teacher has set as proper homework of completed some of the booklet.
DD will not do this! I have calmly approached the situation and given her lots of idea of what she could read as it doesn�t need to be a novel, but still she won�t attempt it and the results are tears and phrases that she hates reading.

I feel like writing in her booklet that DD refuses to do this and working on something that will benefit her and help her dyslexia difficulties. She is 13 with a reading comprehension of a 16yrs but she cannot string a sentence together. I am beginning to be at the end of my tether as I keep repeating that �I� need support to support DD with writing and homework set in stone on this would help immensely. But they don�t provide this, just repeat that the book review booklet will support this (reading & writing) and for us to have discussions with her around books. Both I and DD are tired of trying to do this as it brings out so much anxiety now. I don�t know what the way forward is in this case.

HaveAcuppa Wed 19-Feb-14 15:22:14

Oops, don't know what happened to my commas and hyphons !

BigBird69 Mon 24-Feb-14 13:00:26

When is her statement review? Does she need another EP assessment? Have they discussed her IEP with you? It's all very well them being "disappointed" you sent the email, but they seem to be missing her needs. Think you need to request a meeting with Senco.

HaveAcuppa Tue 25-Feb-14 13:11:25

Hi Bigbird69, We have recently had an IEP review and annual review is in July. I did tell them that DD is refusing to read and we have meltdowns about this. At the moment I feel I cannot force her as her anxiety levels are too high.
I managed to get DD to write a small amount for a book review on some 'Mog' short stories, so although it was very basic she was happy to do it on a book she knows and likes. DD took it in Yesterday and literacy teacher told her she had to go to the library and ask librarian to help her to choose a book that we can then buy the audio version at home for her. DD has come home with a 300+ page book (jaqueline Wilson) she straight away calculated how long it will take her to read this with her reading speed (3 month at 15 mins a night)
I can see why the teacher thinks an audio book may be useful so DD does not have to read all of it but DD doesn't like audio (lowest 1%ile for auditory processing)
So now DD upset as she thinks that a book review has to be done each week and she will get a behaviour point if not done. I have explained that I will write in her planner the amount of time she has spent reading it and a book review will have to get done once completed.
So a piece of writing every 3 months is not going to help her writing skills and give her regular practice; hence my winge to teacher that no regular writing practice homework is set for my DD to practice these skills! I have just been through her literacy exercise book and since Sept there is 1 reading assessment and 3 pieces of writing. I give up.

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