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To get her assessed or not?? Advice required

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FallenAngel22 Fri 07-Feb-14 11:37:32

My 8 year old daughter struggles at school with spelling and maths. She was screened by the Senco in year 3 via a LASS report. It came out that she has auditory processing problems and a weak working memory. She cannot process phonetic sounds apparently which makes her spelling poor. She is however an excellent reader. She gets weekly one to one help from the Senco and also goes with other children to another teacher for guided reading and extra maths. So in that respect, we are happy she is being supported.

When I saw the Senco when she was first assessed she told me that she did not have dyscalculia but couldn't say if she was dyslexic or not. She then made me feel bad as she said she thought I was desperate for a label for my daughter. I wasn't - I just wanted to understand her difficulties. Fast forward to this year and I stated a uni course as a mature student. I have had a full EP where it came out I am dyslexic and midly dyspraxic. I have similar working memory and maths problems as my DD but spelling is ok for me. I do however see DD struggling with the things I did and still do, to an extent.

So, do you think it would be worth me getting DD tested properly? On one hand I can't see how it will improve things for her at school as she is accessing all the help they can offer. But on the other hand I feel it could assist her as she gets older. She sometimes calls herself stupid which is sad.

She is in an independent school that whilst selective (and she got in with no coaching whatsoever) is perfect for her social and emotional needs. She has flourished since she has been there and had an excellent report recently.

I just worry I'm not doing all I can to help her. She's an August born and one of the youngest in the year. She's certainly more switched on than me at her age but I had no help and just struggled through school as below average, all the while hating it.

Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

Joiningthegang Sat 08-Feb-14 20:18:42

Just commented in another thread - testing my ds and getting a label was best thing we ever did - increased his confidence so he understood he was dyslexic and his brain works differently, not stupid.

Shootingatpigeons Sun 09-Feb-14 17:18:50

Another dyslexic with 2 dyslexic DDs. Yes I would get a formal test, apart from anything it will give your DD the self knowledge to help her with coping strategies. I always wondered if I was a bit stupid, my DDs know they are not.

FallenAngel22 Fri 14-Feb-14 11:08:32

Thanks guys. You've confirmed me gut feelings. Suspect it will put the school Senco's nose out of joint as she seems to think she is the last word on SplD's. Will look into it.

FallenAngel22 Fri 14-Feb-14 11:08:41

my not me!

nonicknameseemsavailable Fri 14-Feb-14 14:27:21

we are looking to get DD1 tested privately, school can't see a problem but I am pretty certain she is a hidden dyslexic and is compensating for her problems. I am working on the principle that if I don't fight her corner then noone else will.

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