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Can I and should I request a meeting with the senco?

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Morrigu Fri 07-Feb-14 07:44:40

When his teacher didn't mention it. Ds has a chromosome disorder which can produce a myriad of different problems to varying degrees. A lot of the time it can seem like dypraxia, which is he has been tested for and they are keeping an eye on as he is low on the centiles. He has problems organising and processing along with others. His teacher has noticed this but after a meeting with her a few days ago I'm worried. His recommendation was to do more reading and maths with him but I honestly don't feel like it's enough. Would senco be able to give me pointers on how to approach this?

Caf07 Sun 09-Feb-14 08:59:04

Yes! That is what the SENCO is there for-to secure the inclusion of all children. However, if your DS has had assessments in his current school for dyspraxia, you can be assured that the SENCO is aware of him. I can't see any objections to a meeting if you are seeking advice.

Morrigu Sun 09-Feb-14 10:06:28

I wasn't too sure what senco was for tbh, this is quite new to me as ds is only in his second year of school. His dad are I are worried that if we don't tackle problems now it will set the scene for the rest of his school years. His teacher recognises that he works generally well one-on-one but as she said, she as thirty in a class.

Thanks Caf I'll speak to his teacher again this week as I dropped off some info for her about his disorder and ask about senco then.

Caf07 Mon 10-Feb-14 22:14:13

Yes, the SENCO caters for all special needs in school-academic or otherwise. I would definitely, as a class teacher, be referring you to the SENCO, as they are the best placed to help with removing barriers to learning. E.g. With your DSs organising and processing skills SENCO will be able to advise you and class teacher on things like task boards (to help remember order of instructions) and visual prompts and reminders, along with any physical adaptations and strategies to help him become more independent and make good progress.

Good luck

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