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Help me to help my chaotic, disorganised, dyslexic DD (aged 13) Please.....

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Sonnet Tue 04-Feb-14 10:10:34

My dd2 is just turned 13 and in year 8. She is chaotic, disorganised, unprepared for events in life. She looses possessions almost daily. This is frustrating for her and for us and I worry about how she will cope over the next few years. She often seems bemused by life around her.

It also refelcts in her school work - for example she has an extended esay to write for history and does not know where to start. I am more than happy to help her but I am also aware thast helicopter parenting will not solve the issue.

I have just purchased a book - Late, Lost and Unprepared.

Can anyone offer me any tips that have worked for you please?

Sonnet Tue 04-Feb-14 15:30:58

Bump please

OhSoVintage Wed 05-Feb-14 22:02:31


I'm still waiting for our daughters assessment, not sure if dyslexia is what she has.

However the disarray that you are deceiving is the same for my dd and a cause of much frustration in our family!

I'm still working though this with my dd but something that is helping is making things obvious and easy for her.

I have colour coded each of her school subjects

she has a seperate draw for each subject at home with a colour sticker on the draw
A colour coded timetable, weekly planner etc (I've started selling these on etsy if you want to see what I mean visit
She has a set of text books at home and a set at school (no excuse for loosing them!)
She has a laminated check list in her bag, in her pencil case, on her door.
We do daily bag checks (if she's having a good week I will do this less often, we have a trust agreement so she knows she can work towards being independent with this.)

She still looses things but these little things really help her and over the last few weeks since putting these in place she seems to be improving. My daughter is 14

OhSoVintage Wed 05-Feb-14 22:03:29

Describing! Sorry using my iPhone with autocorrect and I'm dyslexic myself ;)

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