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testing for dyslexia

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swannylovesu Mon 06-Jan-14 20:34:38

Had a meeting with ds1 school today about how much he is struggling with reading and writing. His General knowledge is good, his maths is on target and his vocab is fine. He just appears to have major problems getting whats in his head onto paper.

He is now 12yo and is testing age 8 for reading and writing. He did his sats last year and got average scores after working hard to raise his levels. Hes never been good at spelling but his primary school teachers never flagged this as an issue (even when i did).

my question is, what happens now? we are speaking to the senco next week have no idea what to say/questions to ask etc.

many thanks.

kicker Tue 07-Jan-14 12:16:53

I have just had my DD (7) assesed and she has been found to be dyslexic and dyspraxic as well as suffering visual stress. Despite this she manage to keep up with her peers at school but I knew there was something not right. I paid for an assessment with a PATOSS registered assesor at a local private dyslexia centre (SE London). The assessment was £175 and once I was told verbally at the feedback session that she did have issues the report was a further £175.
I have taken two copies of the report into school today and I will ask for a meeting next week to see what the plans are for her.
You can ask for a dyslexia screening test to be done at school although my DD passed this so I had to pay to get a proper assessment. It might highlight something. Unfortunately if your son is achieving averagely even though you know deep down they are capable of much more the only way to get any help is to pay privately. Good luck

swannylovesu Tue 07-Jan-14 14:46:50

thanks kicker. he is really bright and seems like a (not so) little sponge for information. i'm waiting for the senco to call so i'll see what she has to say then start the process.

CSLewis Fri 28-Feb-14 11:54:03

Hi Kicker - I live in Peckham as am currently researching dyslexia screening options for my 11 yo dd. Could you give me more details of the test centre you used please?

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