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Do any experts do pro bono work

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HMSfaSENd Tue 07-Jan-14 07:04:55

Silly me, Ipsea wouldn't have the funding would they for this? I don't think I have ever seen any fundraising for Ipsea or other education charities, does the funding come from central government?

Sorry to have asked a daft question Manish I was steering the wrong way and seem to need a compass or set square or something!

Thanks for your pm!

HMSfaSENd Mon 06-Jan-14 23:50:34

I am sure you are not wrong Manish, I just wondered if there were experts available from within though I recognise that IPSEA are legally trained reps from the organisations' perspective.

I don't know how there can be pro bono legal assistance given the cuts to the pay of the legal professionals, they must be generous souls whose motivation is clearly commendable.

manishkmehta Mon 06-Jan-14 23:04:10

I asked around and have so far found very little in the way of pro bono experts... as much as there is representation on the day for the legal side from charities and organizations such as i think experts REPORTS are only available if you are able to secure legal aid, or pay yourself... which is a BIG cost. - Also, i think the legally aided experts might not be able to represent on the day under legal aid... I just have a feeling those costs would not be covered. Please do correct me if i am wrong...

HMSfaSENd Mon 06-Jan-14 13:57:34

But it maybe worth asking the question. My understanding is that Ipsea reps come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, I have met a number myself and so can't help wondering if there are any who would or could put their professional expertise to use in this way. If there aren't, would Ipsea not potentially reap rewards for parents if they sought to see if such volunteers would be available by perhaps targeted recruitment? In the light of the upcoming ECHP plans it wouldn't hurt to have a few enlightened health professionals in each locality I wouldn't have thought? Ipsea training could perhaps provide such enlightenment!

manishkmehta Mon 06-Jan-14 08:24:46

Not that I am aware of . However I'm thinking most probably not.

HMSfaSENd Mon 06-Jan-14 01:25:00

Just a question but do Ipsea have any reps who also happen to be specialists in those fields? If so could they help?

depankrispaneven Tue 31-Dec-13 10:10:46

Not unreasonably, most experts need to be paid as they and their families need to eat. However there are some charities who will sometimes help. The Riverston Trust used to, I don't know if they still do.

manishkmehta Sat 14-Dec-13 18:55:03

I represented a family this week who were just above the legal aid threshold but not able to afford either experts reports or preparation. I must have done a 100 hours of work on the case as an ipsea rep...

Question... Do any experts eps, salts, or ots do pro bono work? Without any experts on the families side I wasn't able to help meaningfully. Although I am still awaiting the judgement, I am not holding my breath.

I hate seeing those who are struggling struggle just because they are over the legal aid threshold. The system stinks.

Question... are there people out there willing to take on cases for free?

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