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Year 1 friendships and ASD, advice please

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wonderstuff Thu 28-Nov-13 17:15:39

My daughter is struggling with a child in her class, she is very friendly with a child, bit obsessive, he's her best friend, they are very cuddly, this boy likes my dd too, there is another child who is also obsessively friendly with this boy, and the boy likes him too, but the other child does not like my dd and gets quite aggressive towards her. At playtime he tells her to go away and will hit her, in class, where she doesn't work with either of them, the boy goes up to her and pulls her hair. He gets his peg moved and told no, but this doesn't seem to have any impact.

The boy has social communication problems, I'm friends with his mum and I want to be supportive. I know the school have been less that supportive and I'm not sure how much specialist training the teacher has in dealing with ASD issues, if any.

So I think the best outcome would be if they could all be friends, my dd is open to this and on out of school occasions when the boy they are both in love with has been absent they have got along. I've explained to dd and she understands this boy has difficulties making friends. I think there must be something more positive the school could do. They've told my friend the boys behaviour is causing issues, but not offered any solutions.

Does anyone have any advice?

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