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Will you move country with an ASD child?

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Klida Thu 28-Nov-13 12:03:14

My son has high functioning autism with slight language delay. We have been fighting for 2 years with our local LA for a reasonable provision on a statement but just received a finalised statement with no amendments and which does not even have my child's name!

No this aside, my husband is now in Denmark and I am juggling a full-time job, an autistic 5 year old, and an 11 month old plus the whole education/statementing issue. It is quite tempting to just move to a different country and start fresh....BUT will you do it? I am especially worried about my 5 year old with ASD he just starting to get grip with the English and still makes lots of mistakes. Danish is a difficult language I heard so state schools in Denmark are not an option. We have also explored a number of international schools but our options are limited due to the diagnosis (Most schools just turn us down without even asking about the specifics of my son).

I am really confused and emotionally not coping very well! Any advise please? I am especially worried about messing my son around with the move, him not settling then coming back to the UK and having to start the statementing battle all over again (apparently when you move country you also lose the statement)....Any one been through something similar?

thanks in advance!

Branleuse Thu 28-Nov-13 12:06:58

It really depends on your child, but id say if your dh ia already in denmark, then you could do with being wish him maybe.

One ASD kid is not necessarily going to have the same needs as another asd kid x

Sunnyshores Tue 10-Dec-13 21:28:11

My ASD child would settle, he regards home as me and his Dad, so in that regard I wouldnt worry.

I suppose the worse case scenario is that you end up in a crap school in Denmark. But you would be with your partner and facing that together would certainly be easier.

As for UK, have you spoken to your council about home schooling. Lots of people do it and there is loads of support and clubs to join so your child still socialises.

I'm afraid I've found schooling incredibly difficult, so dont have any positives really. I'd say that whichever school you think is best, regardless of country, is the one to aim for. Also, wherever you are happier and more relaxed will impact your DS too.

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