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6th form 'chat' how much do we reveal?

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GhostsInSnow Thu 21-Nov-13 10:26:47

DD has had many health issues over the last 4 years which thankfully she is overcoming albeit slowly. Due to these problems the last 4 years of her schooling has been sporadic, she's been taught one to one within the school and also bits at home by me when she's only been in part time, this has meant that socially she's quite immature for her 16 years. She gets anxious, rarely leaves the house except for school and doesn't have a huge group of friends.

She's predicted excellent grades in her GCSE's and wants to continue to A Levels. The school she is currently in has no 6th Form so her options are two local colleges which are both around an hours bus ride away or the 6th form of a local high school which is literally a ten minute bus ride away and a 2 minute walk away from her Nans.
She's emailed the High School 6th form and they have asked her to go in for a chat about subjects etc.

The concern is that should this 6th form not accept her she won't cope with travel to and from the further colleges, it's beyond anything she's been used to and she'd be happier in the smaller environment rather than the big, bustling colleges. She does make friends but I am worried that the whole environment of a college is just too much for her at this moment in time and she wouldn't thrive there.

The question is, when she goes for the chat (and she wants me to tag along as well), is mentioning her anxiety and issues with the larger colleges likely to put them off offering her a place or would her circumstances be taken into account?

Not sure what to do for the best!

mumblechum1 Thu 21-Nov-13 10:30:28

I'm not in education, but while we're waiting for the experts to come along, I'd suggest that your daughter does say that she has some anxiety issues, as she should be able to access some support, but even if no formal support, at least her future teachers can be made aware that she has some problems so they will hopefully be more understanding.

If she is predicted excellent GCSEs I suspect they will bite her hand off. smile

Hope it goes well.

GhostsInSnow Thu 21-Nov-13 16:06:27

Thanks mumble, just wasn't sure if mentioning it would go against her. Fingers crossed anyway.

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