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Can I ask what might be an intrusive question please? (ASD/ADHD)

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Kyrptonite Wed 20-Nov-13 16:25:21

I apologise in advance if this offends anyone but I do have a genuine reason for asking.

What were the signs at 4/5 that your DC might have ASD or ADHD?

I'm noticing things that don't seem the norm with DS and I don't want the doctor to laugh at me if I take him there. Have posted before about poss ADHD.

eightandthreequarters Wed 20-Nov-13 16:28:44

If you suspect your child may have SN, you should go to your GP and flag this up. You will eventually want to see an ed psych for an assessment. Your doctor will not laugh at you and you will get advice specifically related to your son.

Kyrptonite Wed 20-Nov-13 16:30:33

He was referred to CAMHS who said there wasn't enough to go on and it's his age. It's gotten worse over the last 6 months. He went to a consultant about a bowel problem and his behaviour was so extreme that the consultant said he would write to the GP pushing for CAMHS.

He starts a new school on Monday as the last couldn't manage him. I'm dreading it.

lljkk Wed 20-Nov-13 16:41:29

GP said categorically that DS didn't have ADHD because he wasn't bouncing off the walls enough. (same 9yo DS currently talking non-stop & bouncing on the sofa). But she did refer us to a charity who do anger management classes (starts tomorrow, hooray!).

tbh, at 4-5 I thought he was probably will within normal. Later I was worried about things like hyper-focus, inability to follow narrative, poor impulse control, inability to multi-task, over-emotional, lots of trouble at school (violence, defiance etc.), 2-4yo little brother being twice as emotionally mature. So all of that is definitely not signs of ADHD, I guess.

Levantine Fri 22-Nov-13 20:41:54

I can't imagine a doctor would laugh. Go and ask for a referral to a developmental paediatrician. Be explicit about the situation at school. It sounds as if they really should refer you. (btw it is paeds who diagnose where I am, I amo not sure if it is CAMHS in other areas)

Kyrptonite Fri 22-Nov-13 21:22:31

Thank you. I will see if his new school say anything then use this to back me up at the drs. I feel awful but I'm really struggling with him at the moment. He's constantly 'on' iyswim and I'm drained.

zingally Fri 29-Nov-13 15:27:33

Infant teacher here:

It's a difficult one. Some children just jump out at you pretty quick as you get to know them.

Key indicators for me as a Reception teacher that something MIGHT be a bit amiss in terms of ASD -
1: A robotic sounding voice. Rather monotone and "jumpy". ""
2: Either uninterested in other children, or only interested when they are playing a game your child particularly likes. Generally plays alone but gets very involved in games.
3: Particularly interested in/good at computers.
4: Quirky physical mannerisms, eg: flapping their hands when excited.
5: Gets fixated on particular things. TV progs, films, toys, vehicles. Very keen to talk about these things to the exclusion of anything else.

ADHD is harder to identify because so much of it can put down to "normal 5 year old boy" behaviour.

However, if YOU are concerned, your doctor should take you seriously, and ask for a second opinion if you are not satisfied. After all, you know your child best, and if something in your gut says "something isn't right here", you're probably right. After all, it's SO hard and so sad to realise that something isn't all right with your baby.

I'd also speak to the school. Tell them your concerns and ask if they have noticed anything. They'll be very open and honest with you in these sorts of situations. Even if they haven't noticed anything in particular, the conversation will make them more aware of him, and they MAY start to notice certain things.

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