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Special School transport problem. Any advice?

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Boostie Mon 02-Dec-13 21:14:38

Hi Cheese,
I don't understand why they won't drop off elsewhere. All LAs I have known will have some flexibility for pick-ups/drop offs.

You might have thought of these before but:

Check the LA transport policy v. carefully - are there any routes for appeal?
Does the policy comply with national regs:?

Transport teams will usually consider options if it costs them less so can you save them money?

Other thoughts:
Is he the only one on transport? Ie taxi? and does the school have an after school club? Therefore could taxi pick him up later?
Or could you pick him up later?

If shared, could you have agreement with another parent on the route to drop him off there? If so then request this in writing and if refused COMPLAIN to the Chief Executive that your approach could save them money and your job but for blinkered policy.


MisForMumNotMaid Tue 26-Nov-13 22:02:17

My statemented Autistic son also gets transport but the way drop of is scheduled I'm collecting my younger son from the local school at that time. They just give me the line that their job is to provide transport not childcare. Schools inclusion say they've done their bit by providing a school place. Head of childrens services says they can't bend the rules for me because they'd have to do it for everyone.

However...they did agree to multiple drop off locations with the taxi drivers agreement so DS goes to his Aunts work one day, his granny one day, and someone is at home now for three days.

Are you getting DLA for your DS and carers allowance for yourself now you're not working?

Sama27 Sun 24-Nov-13 21:47:53


I have a son who has special needs and is entitled to transport due to the distance. I think children who are over 8 years old and live over 3 miles from their school can get transport.
Does your son have a SEN statement?
I have battled over the years with my LEA about transport and I have also had to give up jobs. Now I work for a agency because I cannot have a permanent job due to transport/school issues. Nobody in the LEA cares or understands.

Cheesefootballs Wed 20-Nov-13 12:20:04

My son attends a secondary school with a special needs unit (he has aspergers) he has full school inclusion 75% and is in the unit for the rest of the time.

We live rurally and because the unit is so far away he gets taxied in and home.

The taxi won't drop him off at home after school (approx 3.30pm he leaves earlier than the other kids in the main school) without parent or guardian being present. I have telephoned the LEA transport but they insist it must be parent or guardian and they can only drop him off at home address. Not a childminder, that's if I could get one. No-one in this neck of the woods anyway.

I asked them if he could be dropped off alone, but they said no, I had to be there. When I explained I worked they were not sympathetic.

I have had to give up my job to be in when the taxi arrives. I couldn't get to leave earlier or go part-time as there was no flexibility in the hours.

We are now struggling to make ends meet and I don't know what options are available to me. I have tried to get a part-time job, that finishes earlier but there is just nothing about.

Is this the same in all LEA's? At what age can he be dropped off alone?

Is anyone else in this predicament? How did you manage losing a full time wage?

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