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Diagnosis for dyspraxia: What's the timeline?

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VoudraisDuVin Thu 17-Oct-13 17:49:41

It seems like we're on a never-ending loop in a quest to get DS (5) diagnosed with dyspraxia. He exhibits all the standard dyspraxic traits I've read about for years--schools and GP all agree. He was initially referred to a community paediatrician 11 months ago. We have been to 3 appointments, each one seems to be more of an informal chat about his "progress" than anything else, with nothing more than a promise for a follow-up appointment in a standard 3 months. I know the end-game is a diagnosis. Or is it? And if not, why waste all this time?

He was referred to occupational therapy, attended a motor skills workshop and was subsequently released. We do most of his therapies at home now.

He's in Y1 this year and really struggling to keep up. The gap between himself and his peers is getting wider with each month that passes and school is doing their best to accommodate him despite not being statemented. Am I too impatient or is this how the diagnostic process goes?

Moominmammacat Wed 20-Nov-13 12:13:33

We got a diagnosis for DS at 7, from a private educational psychologist ... not cheap but seemed quicker. Primary school acted on all recommendations (mostly physical) ,secondary school did nothing for seven years and now university does a huge amount. There is a lot you can do yourself with the physical stuff but I found the academic side harder to cope with. Try the Dyspraxia Society? Good luck.

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