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Aspergers Syndrome

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rugbyqueen99 Tue 27-Jun-06 10:45:19

Hi, my name is Val. A friend recommended this site to me as she feels the answers to any questions I have regarding this topic will be found here.

Finally after 4 years of continuous assessments, my son H was diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome..........left me feeling a little blank. Don't know much about it and wasn't even sure if I'd heard about it before. Currently scouring the web to find more info about it. Can anyone help??

Cheers, Val

MissesF Thu 25-Jan-07 23:14:41

bumping this for you- i have 2 boys with aspergers ...i will post again tomorrow.

there are loads of us on here with AS children

welcome aboard!

MissesF Thu 25-Jan-07 23:16:52

just realised this is from last year!

i expect you'vc had loads of info since then! i'll look out for you around mumsnet

Faith8 Thu 22-Feb-07 21:42:41

Hi, I am currently teaching a 13 year old with Aspergers to play piano. Perhaps we can move forward together. The way I see this amazing young man is that he can see patterns exactly but he also is dyslexic, so letters and the classical way of training is out. How do we move on?

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