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Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia,Dyacalculia and more,..but does not reach criteria for an assesment SEN

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Goldmandra Sun 29-Sep-13 23:23:05

they have said they cannot give him, what he has been used to, all his educational life!

If that's what he needs to make academic progress they will have no choice but to give it to him! Have you got that comment in writing?

I have two academically very able children who have statements because they need support with communication, sensory defensiveness, organisational skills, anxiety and social interaction.

Put in the appeal for the assessment and you may find they cave well before the tribunal date if you can show that the current level of support is essential and won't be sustainable without a statement in secondary.

If you end up at tribunal again because they have refused to issue a statement you may need to get a private Ed Psych report done to back you up.

ginamarshall Fri 27-Sep-13 22:15:28

HI there

i Just wanted to ask, son who is 10, has sensory processing disorder, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Auditory & visual processing disorder, sequential & working memory difficulties, gaps in phonological knowledge, lack of social skills, and very immature!

Now i requested my LA to asses him, but they turned me down, because he doesn't meet the criteria, to be assessed!..he is working at level 2, of the national cirriculum, with alot of 1-2-1 support, including wave 3, 1-1 multisensory program. acceleread/accelewrite, and infact his Junior school have gone above the call of duty, in providing support for him!, but he would have to be working at level p or 1, before the LA would consider assessing him!
My concerns are that he will not cope in mainstream secondary school, and after a meeting with the SENco at his catchment area mainstream secondary school,..they have said they cannot give him, what he has been used to, all his educational life!

Does anyone else have a Statement of educational needs, for there child, even though they are working at or above the level, needed for an assesment???

Thank you

Btw, i am appealing, taking it to Tribunal!

Gina x

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